What is the LOLIPOP 100k study?

The London Life Sciences Prospective Population 100K study (abbreviated to the “LOLIPOP 100K study” or “LOLIPOP 100K”) is a major UK research study investigating the mechanisms underlying heart disease stroke, diabetes, obesity and other major medical problems, with a particular focus on the South Asian community. Through the detailed baseline assessment and long-term follow-up of our ~100,000 volunteers we aim to identify the environmental and genetic factors that contribute to heart disease, stroke and other diseases, and to develop new tools for the identification of people at increased risk of ill-health.

Who is eligible to participate in the LOLIPOP 100K study?

We are recruiting mostly healthy volunteers recruited through their General Practitioners. We intend to sample both men and women, aged 18-85 years, with a focus on South Asians. We cannot include participants who are known to be pregnant, or who have a current or recent acute illness.

How do I register?

You can contact us by phone on 0204 542 8494 or book a slot here.

How long will the health check take?

It will take approximately 40-60 minutes.

Can you take walk-ins?

We do not accept walk-ins as this will affect other participants’ appointments. To avoid disappointment and reduce waiting time, you are strongly encouraged to contact us or click here to book an appointment.

If I have a medical condition or had a recent major injury/illness/surgery or am a cancer survivor, can I participate?

Unfortunately, the study is unable to include participants who are known to have a current or recent acute illness.

I am already enrolled in a study; can I still take part in this study?

Yes, you can participate if you are enrolled in another observational study that does not involve drug treatment. If you are involved in a drug trial, you should wait at least one month after completing the trial before making an appointment with LOLIPOP 100K.

Can I accompany my friends/relatives for the scheduled visit?


If I am going to turn 85 years old next month, can I still join the study?

We are recruiting participants aged 18-85 years, thus please book your appointment early with us before you turn 86 years old. We count your age as at the appointment date.

Post Visit

Will I get a health report of my results?

Yes, you will receive a personalised health report within 4-6 weeks of completing your health-check.

What will happen to the samples you collect from me?

The samples will be stored long-term (probably more than 20 years) and used for a range of biomedical studies.


What do I need to bring on the day?

Please bring 1 form of ID (driving license or passport), reading aids if you require any, and any medication that you take regularly.

Do I need to fast?

Please avoid eating or drinking (except water) for a minimum of 4 hours before your appointment.

Am I allowed to take my medication before my screening visit?

Yes. Please bring any medication you take regularly with you.

What should I wear on the day of my appointment?

We recommend that you wear light, comfortable clothing.

Will refreshments be provided?

Yes, light refreshments will be provided

If I am unable to attend my appointment for personal reasons or I am unwell, what should I do?

Please contact us and we will help rearrange your appointment.

Can I skip the blood test?

The blood sample is very important to the research. If you are uncomfortable with us taking your blood, you should not participate in the study.

How much blood do I need to provide?

We will ask you to give a sample of about 4-5 tablespoons of blood. This is perfectly safe.

Can I skip any of the assessments if I am not comfortable with them?

All of the assessments are equally important to the research, our staff are qualified, experienced and trained to conduct all of tests safely. For the study to gain the most value we need to collect as much data as possible and we would appreciate every participant completing all the listed tests. However, if you are feeling unwell during the assessment or are unable to continue, you can stop at any time.

Can I still come for the screening when I am having my menses?



How do I register?

You can contact us by phone or book a slot here.

I have donated blood/ planning to donate blood. May I still join the study?

Yes, there are no restrictions for blood donors.

Withdrawal from the study

Can I withdraw from the study after registration?

Yes, you may withdraw from the study at any point in the future. Please contact us and we will process your request.

What will happen to my data if I withdraw from the study?

You have the right to request for any data that has been collected about you to be deleted, and for any of your remaining samples to be destroyed.


South Asians have x 2 higher risk of cardiovascular disease compared to Europeans

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