What will I expect on the day…?

The assessment will last around 60 minutes. You will be asked to sign a consent form to participate. After this, we will ask questions about your health, lifestyle and diet. We will then take simple body measurements and collect blood and urine samples. We will provide you a report of your assessment.

Registration and informed consent

On arrival, we will provide you an information sheet about the study, and ask you to sign a consent form. You will have ample opportunity to ask any questions.


You will be asked to complete a questionnaire about your health and lifestyle, and dietary intake.


Anthropometry refers to measurement of the human body. We will take measurements of your height, weight, waist and hip size, and body fat.

Blood Pressure

We will record your blood pressure and heart rate using an arm cuff and an automated machine

Electrocardiogram (ECG)*

An electrocardiogram – or ECG – is a simple test to record the rate, rhythm, and electrical activity of your heart.

We will ask you to lie still on a couch for 5 minutes so that we can record an ECG. We will attach electrodes on your arms, legs, and chest. The electrodes are connected by wires to an ECG machine. This records the electrical signals that make your heartbeat.

Blood Sample Collection

We will collect 4-5 tablespoons of blood from a vein, usually in your arm. Blood analysis an important tool for diagnosing many medical conditions. We will measure your blood sugar and blood cholesterol in this sample. Blood samples will also be for later analysis. We will also ask you to give a specimen of urine.

Eye (retina) Photography*

Retinal photography involves taking a digital photograph of the back of your eye. You will be asked to open your eyes as wide as possible and stare straight ahead while the machine scans your eyes. Photography of the retina takes less than minute, and is pain free. This helps us to check the health of your eyes, and nay effects of blood pressure or diabetes in the retina.

Urine sample COLLECTION*

Urine analysis is used to screen for health problems and in certain cases used to diagnose disease.

We will provide you with a container and ask you to provide a urine sample on the day of your assessment.

Physical Activity*

Physical inactivity remains one of the major contributing factors to ill-health.  We will provide you with a physical activity tracker to be worn on the wrist for 7-continuous days, the monitor is to be returned to one of our research centres at the end of the 7-day period, for analysis.

*Tests are site-specific and can depend on availability.

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